Foundation Charter

СHARTER of the Foundation for Promotion of Peace, Friendship and Cooperation between Nations "One Europe Foundation". Approved by General Founders Meeting Minutes no. 1.


Foundation Charter (link>>>).

To participate in activities aimed at studying the history and culture of Russia and the EU.
To contribute to preservation of the cultural and historical heritage of the nations of Russia and the EU.
To support and implement international cooperation programs in the social, cultural and economic sectors.
To conduct sociological surveys on issues affecting the interests of the nations of Russia and the EU.
To set up awards and prizes for individuals who make a significant contribution to accomplishing the statutory objective of the foundation.
To assist Russian citizens aspiring to improve their qualifications in receiving education abroad.
Organization and holding of conferences, seminars, round-table discussions, discussion meetings, competitions and other events, including those at the international level, in order to discuss issues related to the development of socio-economic and cultural relations between Russia and the EU.
Promotion of voluntary and volunteer activities.