Activists of One Europe Foundation believe that a cultural dialogue between Russia and the EU can have a positive impact on the mutual relations of the superpowers and will contribute to consolidating friendship between the nations.

We are convinced that by strengthening ties between our nations we can help to avoid further escalation in the relationship between Russia and the EU, which will serve as a positive example for the whole world.


We believe that through building cultural bridges we can establish common ground and encourage politicians to evolve from the language of sanctions and mutual threats to a peaceful dialogue. 

One Europe Foundation


The full name of the organization is: the Foundation for the Promotion of Peace, Friendship and Cooperation Between Nations "One Europe Foundation".


The main objective of the foundation is to strengthen the relationship of peace, friendship and cooperation between the nations living in Russia and the European Union (further referred to as the EU), as well as to reinforce cultural, scientific, educational, sports and other relations between Russia and the EU.


* At the end of October 2020, we completed work on the ‘Intelligent Dialogue’ project.


* At the moment, the Fund’s team are implementing the projects:


1. ‘Democracy in Modern Russia, its Formation and Development’. (more details >>>)


2. ‘Lessons of the Second World War’. (more details>)

Founder and Head of One Europe Foundation,

author Gertz (Gertcel) Davydov.

If you relate to ideas and goals of One Europe Foundation and want to join as a volunteer, please send a mail to:

Founder and Head of One Europe Foundation,


author Gertz (Gertcel) Davydov.